Danica To Dazzle

Danica Patrick is well on her way to making a name for herself in NASCAR. She entered the NASCAR Nationwide Series last year by running a part-time schedule with JR Motorsports. As a newcomer to the Nationwide Series she hasn't exactly set the world on fire but she does hold her own and is showing definite signs of improvement. Some say she is doing it the "right way" by continuing to run a part-time schedule in the Nationwide Series this year. Granted she can't dedicate herself full-time to NASCAR as she is still running her regular IndyCar Series schedule. Perhaps this is a good way to start out trying a new venture but at some point if she wants to make the leap to the Sprint Cup Series she is probably going to have to commit herself full-time to stock car racing.

Patrick seems to draw the fans but reviews have been mixed. Some say that she uses her gender too much. One report alluded to her temper being a result of "her time of the month". Last year Kyle Petty made a comment along the lines of "if she sells a few t-shirts and hats she should consider it a successful season". A bit condescending but a large part of NASCAR is the driver's popularity with the fans. If she can draw the fans, then NASCAR makes money and everyone is happy. It is a business after all. Dale Earnhardt Jr is a prime example of this. He has won races but let's face it, he does not have the most stellar driving record when compared to other drivers. A lot of his popularity is derived from the Earnhardt name which is still selling tickets today. That being said, perhaps Danica's popularity comes in part from her gender. However on the flip side she was paid a compliment by current Sprint Cup Series owner and driver Tony Stewart who stated he believes she has the talent to make it in NASCAR.

Patrick's bourgeoning NASCAR career is fueling the feminist movement in many ways. She is going against female stereotypes and is a role model for women everywhere. She is breaking into a sport that has long been known as a "boys club" and is becoming successful doing it. She strikes a balance between contending with the male drivers and being comfortable enough to show her feminine side without worrying that she won't be taken seriously in the garage.

Patrick brings a breath of fresh air to the female gender. She is showing women they have choices and can have successful careers in male dominated fields while not becoming one of the boys. Perhaps by watching her career continue to grow, more women will follow their dreams to break into non-traditional female roles.

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