NASCAR Road Courses

NASCAR has the most variety of any major sport in the United States. Although most of the tracks are circle like tracks, there are major differences in the tracks. Tracks like Texas Motor Speedway and Atlanta, for example, are both mile and a half race tracks, but the look and drive of these tracks are far different from one another. The lines the drivers run are totally different too, with Atlanta having a great high line and Texas having a better low line. Add to that the short tracks and superspeedways, and you have a wonderful amount of difference between any one track and the other.

But when it comes to the major differences in NASCAR you can't get more out there than the road course tracks, Infineon and Watkins Glen. These two tracks are so entirely different from one another and the other tracks on the Sprint Cup schedule that it's literally like a different sport entirely. The only real similarities are the drivers and the cars being the same cars. Even then it's not all that similar, with road course ringers, drivers who specialize in racing on road course tracks, coming in and helping some of the normal teams that aren't that good at road tracks. The racing on road courses can be as exciting and so much more than the normal tracks that NASCAR races on. I believe it's a fact that NASCAR had it's most leaders and lead changes in a single race in 2011, this year. That was Talladega, and it was a fairly fun race to watch. But the recent Road America Nationwide race was so much superior in the fun to watch category, that it didn't even matter if not that many different drivers lead a lap. The race was exciting, with at least 3 or 4 guys battling for the lead throughout, and the action at the end of the race as things got desperate kept me on the end of my seat going "Wow, I wonder what's going to happen next!". It was a thrill, it's not often that a race has me really on the edge of my seat. Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of different races that have been awesome this year, and even the Sprint Cup race at Infineon was really boring, so road courses aren't always perfect. But those tracks can be run differently with the differences in the tracks, particularly with the fact that you can have course specific cautions, not always having to have entire full course cautions.

That's a nice change from the normal, for it is a rarity when a full course caution comes out that isn't for a major wreck as opposed to a single car spin or somethingl like that. The boys really let it out when they race at a road course, and that's plain exciting to me! I love the variety in the tracks, the way it's not at all like the other races. In the NFL you always have 100 yards of field, with two scoring zones. In the NBA you always have a square court with goals at either end of the court. In the MLB you always hit a ball and run in a basic diamond shape. That's it. Even with the difference in field type or look, it's always the same every time. But NASCAR's not even close to being like that. Granted, most of the tracks are run in left turns. But the track differences and variety of track makes, so to speak, sets NASCAR up far above the other sports when it comes to variety. It's always a joy to see the road courses show up so you can tell all the idiots who say NASCAR only races in circles what's for. And the racing aint bad either.

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I'm Agron Bashota. I wrote this article.