NASCAR Mustang

In 2010 NASCAR started racing cars in the Nationwide series that really made improvements on looking apart from one another. NASCAR for the longest time suffered from all their cars looking the same, minus some minor details on the hood and back window area. The fans were really sick of this being the case, and always blasted NASCAR on how the cars weren't stock in any way besides the stickers. Which in a sport based on stock car auto racing, that's a big deal. So NASCAR decided they were going to do two things in one swoop: bring more brand identity to the cars, and give the NASCAR Nationwide series its own identity. It worked, and the fans really loved the differences in the cars. Well most of the fans anyways.

The cars, Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, Chevy Impala, and Totota Camry, are all different in the nose area of the car. You certainly won't confuse what's what anymore. But that's only from the front of the car. The sides, doors, and rears of the cars are all the exact same for the most part. Only the Impala has indication of difference besides in the nose. But even with that being the case, the difference in the cars and the excitement of the fans about it made NASCAR realize that they couldn't have the same cookie cutter car in the Cup series anymore. And that's where the Mustang comes in. Ford loved the Mustang in the Nationwide series, as did the others. The Manufacturers were excited to see actual difference in the cars again, like the early 90s and backwards. Ford, when hearing about NASCAR wanting new cars in 2013 for the Cup series, submitted interest in racing the Mustang. They only had one request, and that's that the race car look failrly similar overall to the street version of the car. Well some time would pass, but eventually it was found out that indeed Ford would race Mustang in the Cup series starting in 2013.

Car owner Jack Roush recently went on record to say that the new car would be coming out of the body shop "soon" and that fans could then get a look at it. It's certainly exciting, and a bit nervous. When I found out about the new cars, Mustang included, coming to NASCAR's Nationwide series I was excited. And the Challenger did really impress what I wanted in a NASCAR stock car, but the rest really weren't worth much. The Mustang, in my opinion, is the worst of all. Although the though of a NASCAR Mustang is great, the actual look of the car is pretty dissappointing. So the fact that Ford only would do the car in the Cup series if it could look like the street car has me excited that it will be done more correctly this time around.

NASCAR should have never left the time when the race cars looked just like stock cars. There should have always been a distinct difference between the makes. NASCAR stood against that for the last several years, but they did indeed prove you can have a good looking car that's not a major game changer (Challenger). So I'm cautiously optimistic that the soon to be unveiled NASCAR Sprint Cup Mustang will look great while still being an even car with the others. I'm not picky, as long as the power behind the Mustang is from Ford somehow and the looks are a Mustang's looks I'll be a happy camper. And many other NASCAR fans will be the same.

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I'm Agron Bashota. I wrote this article.