what is the buyer idea about the intelligent lcd display module?

As we all know, after the appearance of intelligent lcd display module, many companies began to place an order on it,
because its advantage of convenient, engineers begin to search for the TFT module, so if there is any other reasons for them to
search for that? and how they search for that?
it has many names for this product, all these key words related to the same one.
it is intelligent lcd with module on it, as for the module has the function of lcd driver, and programs are made into the driver.
engineers don't need to spend lots of time on the work of programming, this is a big news and surprise to the lcd world. Engineers like to find
this product for their equipments and projects. And facts also expressed that this lcd module used widely in any condition which need the display
how the engineers search for that? of course google is used most. Manufacturers optimized their website, so that customers can find them.
engineers put the keywords on google, so the most important thing is choose the right keywords.

Vertical integration in the electricity-generation LCD line to enhance the competitiveness of
CLP Panda 6 Line LCD panel production is a major event in Nanjing, China's flat panel industry is a major event, marking the beginning of China's LCD TV screen to break the monopoly of multinational companies. China Panda cut from the 6th generation panel production line, the starting point higher, and production from start to only 17 months construction period and create a record. Time is short, demanding, CLP panda reserve in technology which were made on fully prepared? 6 Line launched the process in whether the difficulties encountered?
China's color TV production and consumption is a big country, but the LCD TV screen to import the basic "lifeline" to grasp the hands of a few large enterprises abroad. As a state-owned enterprises, we have a responsibility to catch up, take up the task of improving TV industry chain. CLP Panda cut directly from the 6-generation panel production line, is to gain time, flat panel industry to seize the high ground quickly. Technically, the introduction of electric Panda 6G Sharp technology, high starting point, relatively mature, will help to quickly enter the TV panel manufacturing, adding "high-generation line of clubs", and then by absorbing and innovation, reduce development cycles, reduce costs . Frankly, construction 6 Line, our technical reserves, research and development, and talent does exist many difficulties, but there is Sharp's technical support, combined with our proactive, hired as part of a 6-generation line construction, development and operating experience professionals, set up a professional team to ensure the construction of a six-generation line of successful completion of the task and schedule production.
We know that last year the BOE 6-generation production line in Hefei, CLP Panda 6G compared to what features? In addition, Continental is now off the new-generation high tide line construction, already in operation and construction of the proposed six generations of high-generation line up as many as 7, which will lead to overcapacity?
6 Line and BOE compared to each other. BOE is to start from the low-generation line, and accumulated a lot of experience. We are brought into the six-generation LCD panel manufacturing line technology insertion, paid in accordance with international practice, royalties, patents have to ensure that on-line to speed up the construction of China's high-generation panel will play an important role. It is expected that all of our current dependence on imported large-size panels the passive situation will soon be broken. Of China Electronics (CEC), the line launched 6 generations to achieve industrial upgrading is an important strategic move from CRT to TFT, display industry has entered a new era. On the excess capacity argument, I think is too early to look at the relationship between supply and demand is not from the moment of excess. China is the largest producer of color TV, CRT and TFT previous years, annual production of more than 100 million TV sets, as China's accelerating urbanization and rural consumption levels rising, the market continues to grow. 2012, there are about 400 million stock CRT TV needs replacement. Currently, the production of about 38 million LCD TV sets, from the number of terms is not enough. Moreover, our business has just begun production of LCD TV panels, the state spends annually on foreign imports LCD panels up to 400 billion U.S. dollars, not to mention any excess. Of course, there will be a competitive situation, panel Gregory or age will not have profits, the market will be relatively stable.