An Overview On How To Build A Kart

Many children want to know how to build a kart. Anyone can build one with just a few simple steps, one can be built in as little as one day.The materials are some wood, it does not really matter what type of wood as long as it is thick enough to support your weight. Most types can be rescued from the garage or shed.

You will need four wheels, from an old baby buggy or a couple of broken bikes so long as they are not too large and they have center holes. Two metal spindles that will pass through the center of the wheels freely and some nails, bolts, drill, hammer and a saw.

The length of the kart does not really matter but you need to be able to reach the front axle with your feet if steering that way. Once you have all your materials and tools you can get started.First step is to make your seating area, about twenty inches square for comfort. If using plywood sheet just cut this out with the saw.

Once you have your seating area, you could then add a longer section that goes from the back seat to where the front wheels will eventually be. This should be about six inches wide and between four and five feet long depending on your preference.

Now you can fix a four inch wide piece of timber beneath the width of the seating area to hold the spindle for the back wheels, this can be held in place with nails bent over or U shaped staple type nails, once this spindle is in place you can then put your wheels onto the spindle, remember your spindle must stick out from the seat by a couple of inches to allow for the wheels and movement.

You can secure the wheels in place with a spring type washer or can drill a hole in each end of the spindle so once the wheel is pushed on, a nail can be inserted into the hole to keep the wheel from coming off.The last step is to put a cross piece in that swivels at the front end so you can steer it.

Just use the same size board as the back that took your spindle for the back wheels but use a bolt so this section moves left and right freely, again fix your spindle to take the front wheels as you did with the back ones, now you may use your feet to steer or tie rope to each side of the front section and pull to turn left or right.

Learning how to build a kart may be the start of bigger and better ones, you may add a padded section of covered foam from an old chair for extra comfort or build the sides up so you don't fall off, but the main thing is to enjoy your ride. Always be careful on steep hills as these have no breaks and can be dangerous.

Danielle Brown, Author

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